Beverly Hills, 90210
Season 1, Episode 1: The Class of Beverly Hills
Original Airdate: October 4, 1990

Welcome to Wine-0210-Bros, another podcast-ial visit to Beverly Hills, 90210, but through the eyes of a pair of thirty-something year old men. The only thing that would make this scenario creepier was if we tried to pass ourselves as high schoolers (Hi Andrea, Hi Steve!).

Join us each week as we navigate the classy streets of Beverly Hills and spend some time with wonder twins, Brenda and Brandon, and their whacky friends; and totally cool mom (we adore Cindy!). This week we discuss the two-hour pilot, “The Class of Beverly Hills,” which brings our mullet-ed hero, Brandon Walsh, and his sassy twin sister, Brenda, into play.

Not only do the two have to deal with the troubles of going through the first day of school in a new town, but they have to battle a swirl of rumors, fake IDs, dates with twenty-five year old lawyers, and parents who just don’t understand.

Will they make it in Beverly Hills? I think so. This show was on for like a decade.

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