#10: Everybody Loves Raymond – “No Fat”

Episode #10: Everybody Loves Raymond, “No Fat” Original Release Date: November 23, 2014

Here it is! The tenth episode of A Very Special Podcast!It’s Thanksgiving time in TV Land and this week Patrick and Kat watched the classic third season episode of Everybody Loves Raymond entitled “No Fat.” This is the one where Frank and Marie go on a health kick and Marie decides to cook a tofu turkey – much to the dismay of Raymond and Robert.

Plus, Kat discusses all the television she watched on her jobs during her college years and Patrick is given false information about his cholesterol levels.

Also, we learn Brad Garrett is almost seven feet tall and Patrick finds him super murder-y; and the podcast enlists our very own Dairy Fairy to help us answer our dairy related questions related to the television shows we watch. Patricia Heaton!!!

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Starring: Patrick M. Dunn and Kat Halstead

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