#112: Soap – “Episode 1”

Episode #112: Soap – “Episode 1”
Release Date: June 16, 2018

Yes, Patrick and Kat are back after a short hiatus, sorry gals, life beckons; and this week we dip into the world of Soap, a brave sitcom from the late 70s that was a whimsical parody of the soap opera genre. The series starred legends such as Billy Crystal as television’s first openly gay man, Richard Mulligan as a man with a guilty conscience that led to impotency, and Scott Baio’s cousin, Jimmy, as a teenager with a pimple who hides porno magazines under his mattress. Plus, there’s a MURDER MYSTERY! OOGA!

Also, Patrick is in the midst of an intense American Dad rewatch and can you believe that Soap premiered the same night as the jump the shark episode of Happy Days?

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