#115: Living Single – “Shrink to Fit”

Episode #115: Living Single – “Shrink to Fit”
Release Date: August 15, 2018

It’s a Thursday night in the mid-90s, and you’re done with your homework and Mama Bear said you can watch an hour of television, and girl, that one hour better include Living Single. Yes, our favorite girls in a 90s type of world. Anyway, Kat and Patrick settled on an episode where Khadija James is stressed to the max and decides she might actually need therapy, and oh snap, guess who plays her therapist? Yes, our GAL PAL… JASMINE GUY! Who you know and love from A Different World, a handful of episodes of Melrose Place, and some other random things.

Plus, Kat gets called a bitch on the internet by a random stranger, mansplaining continues to be a problem in our world, MAGNUM P.I. IS COMING BACK BUT WITHOUT A MUSTACHE… and Kat’s ex-boyfriend for a weekend in the early 1990s writes a letter to Beavis & Butthead that makes the air.

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