#139: Santa Barbara – “July 30, 1984”

Episode #139: Santa Barbara – “July 30, 1984”
Release Date: February 26, 2019

Patrick and Kat slip back into the world of daytime television and this time it is through the lens of the Capwell family and the other citizens of Santa Barbara. Yes, they discuss the first ever episode of the Bridget and Jerome Dobson led series which ran from 1984-1993. Sadly, they were kind of bored by it but they did love the use of a super catchy Peabo Bryson song and some ballsy scene involving a sniper rifle and a near bus crash on the Pacific Coast Highway. 

Plus, the sadly glossed over filmography of Robin Wright, Marlena Evans gets possessed by the devil, and the soap opera legend who inspired millions of young women to get a pap smear. 

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