#140: Family Feud – “Batman vs. Gilligan’s Island”

Episode #140: March 4, 2019

In the early 1980s, Family Feud managed to tap into the retro-wave of yesteryear by bringing on the cast of Batman to battle it out with the case of Gilligan’s Island. In the grand scheme of things, it was a fairly subpar game of Family Feud, but the way-too-long introduction clocking in at about ten minutes, raised a lot of questions for Patrick and Kat. Like, what was up with Richard Dawson’s tuxedo? What’s going on between Dawson and Dawn Wells? And, where the fuck was Bob Denver during all of this? 

Plus, Kat has to explain the appeal of Fame to Patrick, and the gossip-y sordid past of Louie Anderson. 

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