#3: Pancake Wine and Lesser Known Witch Hunts

Episode 3: Pancake Wine and Lesser Known Witch Hunts

Everyone is familiar with the infamous Salem Witch Trials but thirty years before the hysteria invaded that noteworthy Massachusetts village, a mystical hullabaloo gripped the citizens of Hartford, Connecticut when Alse Young become the first executed person suspected of witchcraft in the newfound American colonies.

Plus, we get super old time-y when we discuss the witch hunt of Hypatia, a bad ass female philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer circa 350 A.D.-ish, who was wrongly accused of mischievous behavior by a gang of Christian monks. And Catherine Monvoisin, a fortune teller, alleged sorceress, and poisoner, who was probably actually a serial killer… and not a witch. But, what do we know?


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