#30: Dennis the Menace – “Dennis Goes to the Movies”

Episode #30: Dennis the Menace – “Dennis Goes to the Movies” Original Release Date: November 16, 2015

Trouble-prone and mischievous Dennis Mitchell from Hank Ketcham’s comic strip Dennis the Menace landed himself a sitcom in the fall of 1959. Dennis’ shenanigans such as burying a garden hose in the backyard and trying to repair a table leg but only causing it to come crashing down was deemed wild for the late 50s, so the writers had to tone the character down a bit.

Which brings us to episode of A Very Special Podcast, when Patrick and Kat watch “Dennis Goes to the Movie.” This is the one where Dennis sneaks out of the house at night to go see a Glenn Ford picture and also happens to be the very first episode of Dennis the Menace.

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Starring: Patrick M. Dunn and Kat Halstead

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