Beverly Hills, 90210
Season 1, Episode 5: One on One
Original Airdate: November 1, 1990

Season 1, Episode 6: Higher Education
Original Airdate: November 15, 1990

Ugh, turns out there was back-to-back Brandon centric episodes and the Wine-021-Bros have a headache, possibly hungover, and decide to double up this week to get to the better and brighter episodes far more quicker.

First up, Brandon tries out for the varsity basketball team and uncovers a possible sinister plot; but he’s wrong and basically a dick for applying racially fueled stereotypes towards his fellow teammate.

Then, Brandon gets a C on his history test, and well, I don’t know listen to the episode and we’ll go over it.

Plus, Brenda takes Driver’s Education, lets Kelly bleach her hair blonde to impress Dylan, Donna’s gets a little snarky, very little David, and Andrea snoops through Brandon’s dresser drawers.

Hey, they all can’t be winners.

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