#7: Michael Jackson – “Thriller”

Episode #7: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Original Release Date: October 31, 2014

Here it is! A very special episode of A Very Special Podcast. Normally, this is the podcast where we re-watch your favorite television series of yesteryear, but this week we flipped the switch and watched Michael Jackson’s game changing music video, “Thriller.” This is the one that involves a spooky werewolf, zombies, and a Vincent Price “rap.”

Plus, Ola Ray and MJ allegedly smooch on the set of “Thriller,” and John Landis’ fancy suits. Kat’s reoccurring nightmares of MJ as a child and Patrick lies to his friends that he went on an incredible journey to Neverland Ranch!

Also, Patrick wins a costume contest, does a creepy Michael Jackson impersonation, and is genuinely upset that the “Thriller” music video originally premiered in the month of December. And Kat still hates Halloween and beasts with forty eyes!

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Starring: Patrick M. Dunn and Kat Halstead


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