#91: Strait-Jacket (1964)

Episode #91: Strait-Jacket (1964)
Release Date: October 15, 2017

Warning: This podcast depicts graphic axe murders

In 1964, the stars aligned and allowed Joan Crawford, William Castle, and Robert Bloch to work together on the camp/hag horror classic Strait-Jacket, which tells the tale of Lucy Harbin, axe murderer, who is released into the free world after twenty years rotting away in an insane asylum for the beheading of her hot husband and his mistress. Well, things aren’t so peachy when she’s released and people are mysteriously turning up dead and headless in the days following her release. Who could it be?

Plus, Patrick and Kat revisit the top five grossing films of 1964, the crazy on-set demands of Joan Crawford during the filming of Strait Jacket, and the mysterious circumstances of actress Joan Blondell walking through a plate glass window and being unable to commit to her role in the film.

Also, will Jared Leto shower now that he’ll be portraying Hugh Hefner in a biopic?

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Starring: Patrick M. Dunn and Kat Halstead

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