Alone Inside the Night

I am so very excited to share with you today the Cover Reveal of my next novel, Alone Inside the Night.

Alone Inside the Night book cover. Couple in front of a bonfire with purple text for title.

Cordelia Watson owns and operates a successful bakery, so she’s not surprised when two of her best friends ask her to make their wedding cake. A few days in Coral Shore with her best friend Iris sounds like a dream come true since the two haven’t been as close as they once were. Only the ladies won’t be alone.

Duke Shaw is back, and he has a plan to not only win back the heart of the woman he lost freshmen year of college, but also find out how he lost her in the first place. What he doesn’t realize is that she has no idea he’ll be in Coral Shore for the wedding.

Their friends James, Iris, and Gage are desperate for them to at the very least clear the air about their past. Yet they don’t realize that telling the story online becomes a viral sensation, that Cordelia and Duke have no idea.

You can pre-order Alone Inside the Night for Kindle here. It will be available August 16th, 2019 in paperback, kindle, and other formats!

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