Grace Under Fire – “Pilot”

Grace Under Fire
Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot
Original Airdate: September 29, 1993

Roseanne Conner and Peg Bundy may have paved the way for televised dysfunctional parenting, but they had their sometimes useful husbands to fall back on. Grace Kelly had to do all this shit alone and also keep herself presentable to any potential suitors; or else it would be lonely nights with a pulsating shower head sung to the tune of three clamoring children a few doors down.

Despite telling her kids that the punishment for throwing things in the car is death, she does mean well. Rather than Susan Smith-ing them into the Missouri River, she lands herself a temporary job at a local oil refinery; back when it was still borderline shocking that a woman would seek non-clerical work for employment and unwanted sexual harassment jibber jabber was still considered playful and cutesy.

“What kind of harassment can we do?” chuckles back one of the male employees.

“I don’t want any special treatment,” Grace fires back, “You respect me, I’ll respect you, and if at the end of the day we wind up in the shower together, then God love us!”

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