He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – “Diamond Ray of Disappearance”

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – “Diamond Ray of Disappearance”
Season 1  Episode 1  | Aired: 09/26/1983

These days, Evil-Lyn finds herself growing far more disinterested in Skeletor’s dastardly antics. After being summoned to Snake Mountain via Skeletor’s mystical Transport Beam, she rolls her eyes at his latest plot; which involves a rare diamond with the ability to banish any living creature whose eyes behold the rock into another dimension.

“He’s more of an annoying dick to the Heroic Warriors than a menacing threat,” Evil-Lyn later tells a table of her closest evil girlfriends as they guzzle down some Eternian wine at a post-work steam-blowing session, “Skeletor just needs to bust into the Royal Place and cause a real fucking ruckus. We have a guy on our team that can take off his arm and attach a whole bevy of weapons to his weirdly shaped limb. Too bad he’s a fucking oaf, though.”

It’s true. Skeletor is an imbecile who has somehow managed to climb the ranks of villainy and it’s not like he has a beautiful face that allowed him to hitch a free ride or super wealthy Kennedy-like parents who pulled some strings. Anyway, his diamond plot is a bust when he fails to capture the Royal Palace. All thanks to He-Man, who learns from a talking mirror at Castle Greyskull that he can save all his friends trapped in the other dimension simply by crushing Skeletor’s rare diamond, which he does fairly easily while simultaneously wrestling off Skeletor’s goons and tossing them into the mud.

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