Sin of Innocence (1986)

Sin of Innocence
Original Airdate: March 26th, 1986

I didn’t go in search of this movie, one of my dear friends sent me the link to it on YouTube. Now being the total trash that I am for a good old Made-For-TV movie so I dove right on in, ready to see one of my forever favorites Megan Follows and see the introduction Dermot Mulroney.

Basically, this is the story of Tim (Mulroney) and Jenny (Follows), step-siblings who fall in love and get busted by their parents after a night of passion.

Of course, they hate each other at first because what’s the fun if they don’t have tension. To be fair in my opinion I found Jenny to just be awful as she fills up not only her closet, the hall closet, but part of Tim’s closet with her clothes and then goes to take up 90% of the counter space in the bathroom to set her stuff up as if she were a YouTube beauty guru—and this is decades before YouTube even existed!

So, they’re in the same school, just barely tolerating each other when Jenny’s boyfriend dumps her. Tim comforts her and they start to each other as maybe not as annoying. Jenny clears off the bathroom counter with only the things she absolutely needs to have out, Tim gives her a ride home from school.

But then this family decides to go away for a few days to the beach house, while out on a walk one night Jenny and Tim kiss and it’s hot and heavy. The music swells and it’s totally an old-school love theme.

This is when I realized this movie had a twisted hypnotic hold over me. I couldn’t stop watching, even when I was feeling scandalized and damn it I sat through all of the Thorn Birds. When they get back from the vacation they agree it can never happen again. So of course, shocker the parents end up gone one night after their car breaks down, the younger brother ends up staying over at a friend’s house so you can only guess what happens!

Yes, two hormonal teenagers left alone at home, cannot contain their desire for each other and have sex. But because they need to be busted because how else will the parents discover these little liaisons; the parents end up arriving home and go to check on the kids. They discover Jenny isn’t in her bed and oh no they discover her in Tim’s!

The parents rightly freak out, but try to stay calm. Only Jenny’s father finds out and flips out just in time to find out that Jenny ran away, and of course the only one who can find her is you guessed it Tim!

Tim finds her, and they talk spending the night together (you can’t tell me they didn’t get down and dirty again since they were alone), and they’ve decided that Tim will move out, get a job in Atlanta, go to school, and when he comes home for visits he and Jenny will date…and when she turns 18 if they want to be together they will be.

And the movie ends with Tim leaving and me feeling like I need to take a hot shower and cry because I am so disturbed and confused.

Was I supposed to be rooting for this couple to be together, to overcome the stigma of being step-siblings that fall in love? The music sure made it seem that way, but maybe it was just my 2017 mindset that saw this differently.

If you want to get lost in this hypnotic mess it’s up on YouTube, very easy to find.

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